Thala Ajith designed drone for COVID-19 Disinfection

It is known that Tamil ‘Thala’ Ajith is a multi-talented personality. Besides acting, he is good at car and bike racing and he is a trained pilot. He had also given a huge sum of One crore thirty lakhs to the Tamil Nadu government corona relief fund.


Apart from this, Tamil Star Ajith mentors ‘Daksha’ team from IIT Madras. They designed a UAV that won second place at the Australian UAV challenge a couple of months ago. It was used to deliver medicines to remote areas.

Now, In these pandemic times, Ajith’s Daksha team designed drones that were used by the Tamilnadu Government to disinfect many areas of the city. These drones have the capacity of carrying 16 liters of disinfectants and cover one acre in half an hour.

Thala Ajith suggested this innovative idea to disinfect Red zones in Chennai City by using Daksha drones. TN Government and officials are all praise for Ajith.

Now Thala Ajith fans are in celebrations for another achievement by Actor. Hope all other state authorities use this innovative technique to fight against coronavirus.


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