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Third Single “Avakaya Anjaneya” Song From Hanu-man Has Massy Beats!

Third Single “Avakaya Anjaneya” Song From Hanu-man Has Massy Beats!

Director Prasanth Varma and the team behind Hanu-Man are leaving no stone unturned in promoting their original superhero film. With the recent release of the film’s third single, Avakaya Anjaneya, the excitement surrounding the movie is reaching new heights. The song, composed by Anudeeep Dev, is a groovy folk number with massy beats that will surely get you on your feet.

"Avakaya Anjaneya" Song

It opens with Amritha Aiyer and elderly women preparing avakaya pickle, a traditional delicacy. However, their peaceful moment is interrupted when a group of masked men try to attack them. Just in the nick of time, Hanumanthu, portrayed by Teja Sajja, comes to their rescue, embodying the spirit of Lord Anjaneya. The action-packed scene seamlessly blends with the song, creating some truly whistle-worthy moments.

Simhachalam Mannela penned the lyrics for Avakaya Anjaneya, while Galidevara Sahiti lends their lively vocals to the track. The combination of memorable lyrics and energetic singing adds another layer of charm to the song. Teja Sajja shines in his power-packed avatar, delivering a captivating performance that perfectly complements the well-designed action sequences.

The Hanu-Man soundtrack is a delightful mix of genres. While Hanuman Chalisa was a devotional number and Superhero Hanuman had a humorous touch, Avakaya Anjaneya takes on a folk style. This diverse range of songs adds depth and variety to the overall album.

Produced by K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment and presented by Smt Chaitanya, Hanu-Man is a highly anticipated film. The executive producer, Asrin Reddy, along with Line Producer Venkat Kumar Jetty and associate producer Kushal Reddy, have worked tirelessly to bring this magnum opus to life. The film boasts stunning cinematography by Shivendra, with Srinagendhra Tangala serving as the production designer.

Third Single “Avakaya Anjaneya” Song From Hanu-man Has Massy Beats!

In addition to an impressive cast, including Vinay Rai as the antagonist and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in a key role, Hanu-Man marks the beginning of Prasanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe. Set in the imaginary world of “Anjanadri,” the film’s concept is universal, appealing to audiences worldwide.

Fans of Hanu-Man can look forward to its Pan World release on January 12, 2024. The film will be available in multiple Indian languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. With its captivating storyline, dynamic performances, and exceptional soundtrack, Hanu-Man has all the ingredients for a truly global success.