Tollywood Drug Case: Naga Babu responds to Niharika Konidela’s Arrest

Tollywood Drug Case Latest news: Naga Babu responds to Niharika Konidela’s Arrest, He finally Breaks His Silence On Daughter Niharika Konidela’s Arrest In Hyderabad Drug Raid

Actress Niharika Konidela, Naga Babu’s daughter, was one among the 150  persons held following a raid on a Banjara Hills hotel in Hyderabad. Hyderabad police raided an upscale pub in Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills in the early hours of Sunday for operating outside of its approved hours.

Tollywood Drug Case: Naga Babu responds to Niharika Konidela's Arrest
Tollywood Drug Case: Naga Babu responds to Niharika Konidela’s Arrest

Those held were Naga Babu’s Daughte Niharika Konidela and the winner of Bigg Boss Season 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj among others. Drugs were allegedly ceased at the party, according to the sources, but the authorities have yet to respond.

As the case unfolds, Niharika’s father, Naga Babu, released a video in which he confirmed that his daughter had been detained, but that she was clean, according to the police. “Last night, my daughter Niharika was imprisoned for being in a pub in a five-star hotel.” The management has been arrested for operating the bar outside of its allowed hours. “However, the police have determined she is clean and has had no involvement with the substances seized,” he continued, as per a News18 report.

He also advised them not to share false information. “I’ve seen a lot of false information circulating on social media. Naga Babu added, “I ask everyone to stop propagating such rumors.”

According to CNN-News18, the task force squad inspected the pub’s premises for about two hours before transporting all of the prisoners to the Banjara Hills police station for interrogation. The bar proprietors have been charged for breaking the rules.

Some members of the film and entertainment industries, as well as the children of some well-known figures, are alleged to have been arrested and then released.

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A senior police official told CNN-News18 that blood samples from 45 inmates were taken for an additional medical investigation to determine if they had used drugs. The raid took place as part of stepped-up police raid on the drug issue.



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