Viswak Sen is not a dedicated actor: Arjun Sarja

Viswak Sen is not a dedicated actor: Arjun Sarja

Action king Arjun will be directing the young hero Vishwak Sen in a film. The movie began with pooja rituals. Coming over, Pawan Kalyan applauded. Through this movie, the Telugu public will be introduced to Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya Arjun. However, as per the latest developments  Vishvak Sen had withdrawn from the project. In a news conference, Arjun clarified this further.

Arjun stated. “I have never convened a press conference and spoken this about anyone in my 42-year cinematic career. However, I have spoken up in front of the media to express my opinions since I find Vishwak Sen’s actions regrettable. Since this morning, a lot of news has been coming out. But whether I made a mistake or not, everyone should know. This meeting is a result. I wanted to direct a Telugu movie that introduced my daughter. You’re all aware. The hero is Vishwak Sen. He also enjoyed this tale a lot. We didn’t decide on the compensation until we had a conversation with him.

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Viswak Sen is not a dedicated actor: Arjun Sarja

Also grand was the opening. Vishwak Sen, however, was running late when the shooting was set to begin. As part of the shooting, we created the set. I gave everyone advance notice to arrive at the shooting location at six in the morning. But around five in the morning, Vishwak Sen left me a voicemail. ‘I am sorry sir. I was confused by Please Cancel Shoot’, when I first saw it. I was at a loss for words. The narrative, the characters, and the conversation have not been altered. What’s the purpose of this? I was unable to process it.

excessive professionalism Actually, this is a slight against the technicians. His manager then left him a voicemail saying, “Sir, we’ll talk to you later.” Does being a producer or director imply that one is rude? I never imagined that we would star this hero in a major motion picture and make a sizable sum of money. Want to create a successful film? No financier was requested for any money. I have observed numerous actors working devotedly in the field. I have a very close friendship with Jagapathi Babu. I requested dates from him. He agreed with me.

Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh would invite their producers before traveling. That is dedication. Allu Arjun and I collaborated. He arrives on time for the shoot. They still suffer despite having access to so much cash and power. The devotion to movies is the cause. Vishwak Sen, however, is not having any of that. He texts that the shooting tomorrow should be called off. Call off the shooting in 30 minutes. Consider how challenging a day of shooting is. He created a scenario where he had to address the media while filming. Not that I’m accusing him unfairly.

Leaving my project seems like a blow to my self-respect. I believed that no one should leave my movie. I’m not interested in working on a movie with him in such conditions. Thus, the press conference. He dislikes Chandra Bose’s tunes and Sai Madhav Burra’s speech. Ruben’s music isn’t to Anup’s taste. He can provide some suggestions as a hero. But I have to enjoy it because I’m a maker! Several times I tried to modify it. He paid no attention. This should be known by all. There are numerous producers that need to be heard. I am brave and powerful. I say this because of that. Respect should be shown for directors and producers.

Simple as that Nobody is forcing you to see this movie if you don’t like the plot. Finally, I was unable to bring the production boy with me. Don’t make movies if you aren’t familiar with the industry’s practices. Let them stay in a residence. The producers will discuss this disagreement with the guild members. I can only confirm that nobody else experiences this. I don’t want to make a huge deal out of it, either. I merely came here to make movies. To avoid fostering conflict. This movie will soon open with a different hero. My technicians are in perfect condition in this regard. I’m going to fix the hero and announce it soon,” he stated.


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