Gaalivaana is on Zee5, check out the review here

Gaalivaana is on Zee5, check out the review here. Gaalivaana review: A gripping thriller show that does better than the family drama.

‘Zee5’ is a leading OTT provider known for its web series and movies. In this period, Zee5 and Northstar Entertainments teamed up with the BBC to produce the ‘Gaalivana’ web series. Let’s look at the review of Galivana.

Genre: Crime Thriller

Cast: Sai Kumar, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Chandini Chaudhary, Nandini Roy,

Director: Sharan Koppishetti

Producer: Sarath Marathi Director

Release Date: April 14, 2022

Streaming on: Zee5

Gaalivaana is on Zee5, check out the review here
Gaalivaana is on Zee5, check out the review here


One week after their marriage, Ajay and Geetha in Vizag are murdered by a small-time burglar. Ajay is the second son of Saraswathi, a strong woman who would do anything to protect her family.

Geeta is the daughter of ayurvedic doctors Komarraju and Thulasi. Immediately after the newlyweds die, the families find a severely injured man lying unconsciously in a car in front of their house.

In trying to rescue him, they soon discover that he is responsible for the murders of Ajay and Geetha. The killer is found dead in their shed the next day. What will happen next?


In Galivana, the filmmakers adapted it well for Telugu audiences. Despite its flaws, Gaalivaana keeps you on your toes as long as you watch it.

The film opens with a twin murder of a newlywed couple, shows how it shocks their family members, and gradually draws us into a twisted tale where no one can be trusted.

What would one do if they met the killer of their child/daughter at their home? During a crisis within the family, is it possible to distinguish between right and wrong? There are no easy answers.

Radhika  as Saraswathi. Her acting was top-notch as always. She carried the scenes beautifully throughout the end, especially her expressions & dialog deliveries were alluring & stupendous

Using the idyllic, creepy atmosphere of a small town effectively, Sharan Koppisetty amplifies the tension in the film. Interpersonal relationships can leave you bitter at times because everyone is up to something, hiding secrets, and looking to play the blame game. The narrative succeeds in introducing the viewers to this unusual group without diluting the intensity of the proceedings.

The show gains momentum when the police start investigating the families of the murders and realize all is not well.

Gaalivaana is deterred by its over-the-top family drama; the characterization is inconsistent and you don’t quite understand why some characters behave as they do.

The crime scene and the whodunit angle keep Gaalivaana riveting, but its character development lacks substance. Komarraju’s son Srikanth’s creepy behavior can hardly be justified.

Since you don’t know any of the characters fully, you are curious about their future actions. Despite a few setbacks, the director is mostly in control of how the plot unfolds.

Gowra Hari’s tense background score aids the director during crucial sequences. Some dimensions of the puzzle are intentionally left unsolved, hinting at a possible second season.


Gaalivaana is a gripping family thriller that manages to make up for its shortcomings thanks to the taut treatment and engaging performances. As a thriller, the show is more satisfying than the family drama portions.



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