KGF 2 is a Horror film for Bollywood Makers: RGV

KGF 2 is a Horror film for Bollywood Makers: RGV.Ram Gopal Varma has recently made comments on Yash starter KGF chapter 2 success.  

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV, the dramatic and controversial director, has made the news once more. Maa Ishtam (Khatra/Dangerous), his most recent project, is set to be released soon. Although the film is scheduled to come on April 8th, Postponed due to various reasons.

RGV took to Social media and made a few tweets regarding KGF 2 success and other films. He claims that the Kannada magnum opus is proof that if money is spent on making rather than on ‘star’ remunerations, the biggest hits will arrive.

KGF 3 is on the way, Post Credit scene hints at it
Yash in KGF 2

@prashanth_neel‘s #KGF2 is not just a gangster film but It’s also a HORROR film for the Bollywood industry and they will have nightmares about its success for years to come,” he tweeted.

He also further added, “Like very much how Rocky Bhai comes to Mumbai to machine-gun the villains, @TheNameIsYashis literally machine-gunning all the Bollywood stars opening collections and its final collections will be a nuclear bomb thrown on Bollywood from Sandalwood.”


The tweet has gotten a lot of attention, and many people agree with his points.

On the work front, the well-known director recently stated that he is collaborating with Kannada star actor Upendra on a mafia-themed film titled ‘R.’ We’ll have to wait a few days to learn more about the movie.

The second part of the KGF franchise has more violence than the first one. Kannada star actor Yash looks stylish and violent in the film. This time Prakash Raj tells the story, which happens after Garuda is killed. The film has Sanjay Dutt in a powerful antagonist role named Adheera. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is also part of the cast of Prashant’s magnum opus.


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