Zee Studios’ Heartfelt Apology Letter for Annapoorani Movie

Zee Studios’ Heartfelt Apology Letter for Annapoorani Movie

Zee Studios finds itself amidst controversy as an apology letter regarding the film ‘Annapoorani’ has gone viral on social media. The letter, dated January 9th and issued on Zee Studio’s official letterhead, is addressed to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, expressing regret for inadvertently hurting Hindu religious sentiments.

Annapoorani Movie

In the letter, Zee Studios acknowledges the concerns raised and reveals that they have approached the co-producers, M/s Trident Arts, urging them to rectify the problematic aspects within the film. Furthermore, Zee Studios requested that Netflix, the OTT platform where ‘Annapoorani’ was available, remove the movie until necessary modifications are made temporarily.

The apology letter expresses sincere remorse for any offense caused to the Hindu and Brahmin communities and acknowledges the need for cultural sensitivity. Notably, on January 11th, Netflix acted promptly by removing ‘Annapoorani’ from its platform in response to the growing criticism surrounding the film’s content on social media.

Zee Studios’ Heartfelt Apology Letter for Annapoorani Movie

The controversy stemmed from accusations that ‘Annapoorani’ contained anti-Hindu elements, including alleged encouragement of conversion to Islam, distortion of the revered Hindu deity Bhagwan Ram, and overall offense to Hindu religious sentiments. Prior to its removal, the film’s description on Netflix hinted at a plot centered around a temple cook’s daughter going against her family’s wishes to showcase her culinary skills with non-vegetarian dishes.

Released on Netflix on December 29th, 2023, ‘Annapoorani’ is Nayanthara’s 75th film and a collaborative production involving Trident Arts, Zee Studios, and Naad Studios. The incident underscores the significance of cultural sensitivity in filmmaking and the impact of social media in holding creators accountable for potential religious insensitivity.

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